Table of Contents for December 1978

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Page Title Credits
0 Cover - The Second Experiment Peter A. Jones
6 New Tales of the Arabian Nights Richard Corben
   Jan Strnad
15 Hit Man Moebius
27 Exquisite Corpses Phil Trumbo
31 The Sign Alfredo Alcala
   Lawrence Shell
34 Orion Gray Morrow
38 Exterminator 17 Enki Bilal
50 Gail Philippe Druillet
57 Off-Season Nicole Claveloux
   Edith Zha
65 Tarot Paul Kirchner
79 The Garage Moebius
81 Colored Lights Ben Katchor
82 So Beautiful and So Dangerous Angus McKie
92 Development of an Intergalactic Corporation Bob Aull
98 Back Cover - In Dolly's Dreams Michael Wm. Kaluta