Table of Contents for September 1979

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Page Title Credits
0 Cover - Love Hurts Jim Cherry
6 Soft Landing Dan O'Bannon
   Thomas Warkentin
10 The Doll J.K. Potter
17 The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius Moebius
19 Only Connect Alias
25 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Gray Morrow
   Jim Lawrence
34 Rising to the Occassion Kenneth Smith
38 Little Red V-3 He
42 The Grail war Richard Monaco
   Marcus Boas
46 Elvis Francois Thomas
59 The Bus Paul Kirchner
60 A World Between Norman Spinrad
   Donald Brautigam
63 Elric Michael Moorcock
   Frank Brunner
82 Telefield Sergio Macedo
92 Shelter Chantal Montellier
98 Back Cover Val Mayerik